Worlds within Worlds in the Spiritual Dimension

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June 2018

“In my Father’s House There Are Many Mansions” – John 14:2


Since I was of school going age I was absolutely fascinated with the above quote and since that time I have encountered many interesting versions and translations of this excerpt. However, the word ‘mansions’ from the bible could mean ‘dwelling places’ rooms’ or ‘abodes’. The globally accepted explanation regarding the above quote (John 14:2) is that reference is being made to many mansions in ‘The Kingdom of Glory’, ‘God’s house of rest’, ‘heaven’, ‘the afterlife’ or whatever one perceives as a place of continuation for soul and spirit upon physical death.


And now at this stage of my existence and after a lot of life’s experiences, to include working with the spirit world, I now find myself very satisfied with what I believe to be a very accurate and logical explanation. It is the word ‘many’ meaning several or various, that I will be focussing on in this editorial. I accept as true the word ‘many’ in this context can be interpreted as different levels, spheres, planes or states. Just as earth is composed of many countries, the spirit world is also composed of many levels, spheres, planes or states.


Before I go into the different ‘worlds within worlds’ in the spiritual dimension, it is necessary to make reference to our thoughts words and deeds during our earthly life which has its own consequences.


At some time in life we all face death from this material world, whether it be ourselves, the passing of a love one, a friend or colleague etc and yet we often find that death is a taboo subject in our world. Many who are even afraid to mention the word and are not prepared to think about it, do not freely accept their immortality or the fact that   eventually their physical body dies. Also, so many people believe that the physical world is the only world. Believing the life, they are living is the only life they will live, many live a life of debauchery whilst others try to accumulate all the things of matter in the hope that it will provide them with material security. Yet, they instinctively know that all these earthly possessions will one day be left behind. It is wonderful to be in a position to live an opulent life and there is absolutely no problem in owning or accumulating material wealth. The problem only arrives when we allow material acquisitions to own us instead of us owning them. When we allow ourselves to get overly attached to ‘things’ or people we lose our inner power.


It is really the very nature of our daily existence that often makes us very aware of this physical world, and we find it difficult to grasp otherwise as we have become accustomed to everything having to be material. Therefore, unfortunately many of us judge by material standards and not by the expression of the soul.


So isn’t it a comfort for us all to know that it is a fact that we as human beings do survive physical death. Now scientists have proven that energy cannot die or be destroyed but only transformed. They have now also accepted that matter is not solid, and that reality is to be found in the invisible.


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another” (Quote Albert Einstein).


Communication from the spirit world tells us that the spirit when released from the physical body at death goes on living in the etheric body, the aura (or human energy field – which closely surrounds the physical body). There are many levels within the etheric body where our soul essence is contained, and it also holds the blue print of the physical body. And it is when we die from this world that our etheric body will be attracted to a level i.e. a compatible level of existence in the spirit world of like vibration.


Before I continue, I will explain briefly what ‘vibration’ in this sense actually means.  Energy is a subtle vibration which responds to our emotions and actions. Therefore, all our words, thoughts and deeds having their own energetic vibration affects our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, and therefore determines what we attract to ourselves, both in the physical world and in the spiritual world.


Therefore, positive thoughts, which have a high vibrational frequency, attracts positivity and negative thoughts, which have a much lower vibration, attracts negativity. So, logic then tells us that the various thoughts we allow into our thinking will affect the vibration of our whole being and consequently attract to us a positive or high frequency or a negative or low vibration. We are all responsible for how we feel (except of course if one has a physiological or psychological imbalance).


Let’s look on our mind/thoughts like a garden. If you leave a garden unattended, weeds will take over and beautiful flowers and plants will wilt and diminish. The garden will begin to grow wild. Yet, if you take the time to look after the garden by fertilizing the soil, planting new seeds and encouraging growth, you will begin to see the rewards of your dedication. So, with our mind, if we nourish it correctly with positive thoughts, words and actions we will find a beautiful connection between our mind, body and spirit. 

We are all very aware that the physical body requires nourishment and well being i.e. clothing, warmth, shelter, food and exercise etc. How many of us realise that our spiritual self which is eternal also requires nourishment? At the end of this article – I will provide a brief guideline that will help us all to raise our vibrational level whilst here on this earth.


It is our vibrational rate that dictates the level that we will be attracted to when we go into the spirit world. Our vibrational rate is like a frequency; the lower the vibrational rate becomes the more physical our existence becomes. Therefore, whatever condition of life we may enter in spirit from the physical world – no matter now lowly it has been will be a reflection of our spiritual world but according to its condition and according to our condition of passing and particularly according to our development or lack of it. So, whether we are born into a developed or underdeveloped state, there are always still opportunities for us to express our inner divinity, in spite of material difficulties.  Consequently, based on our earthly thoughts, words and deeds our departed spirit will gravitate towards the appropriate level.


Here on earth we are subjected to a whole range of spiritual influences from the lowest to the highest – yet we are attracted to those at the spiritual stage we ourselves have reached and this is how it is also in the spirit world.


Most religions recognise that the eternal self never dies as our soul is the unique core of our being. It is difficult for some to fathom the fact that our earth life is like a school room and our soul and spirit is its student. Because of earth being such a dense vibration and one of narrow confines, it is not easy for us to continually express our true self. Yet we find we can reach out to our higher true self more easily through sincere prayer or when we are in a meditative state.


Whilst here in the material most of us go through times of personal growth and change.  This is often brought on by personal tragedy, ‘lessons’ that we learn whilst on our journey here, or even heavenly visionary ideas. It is during these periods in our life that we have the ability to look into ourselves and reflect so that we really begin to know ourselves (the true/higher self). It is often at this point of deep reflection that changes occur within us. 


“Man know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God” (Quote from The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras).


It would be very beneficial for us all to be aware that we are a spiritual being with a human body having a physical experience, not a human body having a spiritual experience. Our physical body only expresses itself whilst on this earth. We have come from spirit, we are spirit, and we go back into spirit. Understanding this eternal part of ourselves would help us to lead a more meaningful life of integrity and true purpose.  And by delving deep within ourselves we realise that within us all we possess a Divine, eternal connection, something that is deeply sensed when we attune ourselves i.e. in meditation or in sincere heartfelt prayer. 


More and more greater truths are revealed to us as our inner self grows in awareness.  Furthermore, what we need to be aware of is that when we pass over to the next world, spiritually we are exactly the same person and personality as we are on the earth. We need to realise that when we pass on from the physical realm into spirit we do not suddenly become angels or saints. It is often believed that when we pass from this life we will automatically have infinite knowledge – yes, we do have more clarity, when we pass, based on our earthly thinking. We retain our basic memory and personality and continue in much the same way as we lived on this physical world. The spirit world is a ‘mind’ world unlike the physical which is a world of mind and matter.


There are many who declare that it is impossible for those in the heavenly realms to reach those on our earth, saying that those in heaven are cut of forever from earthly life, yet through contemplation, we instinctively know that it is the person who makes these statements who have cut themselves off. We become conscious of the fact that if we are unfolding in our spiritual life here on earth we naturally gravitate heavenward and those in spirit will come more than halfway to meet us. It is the lower aspects of self that holds us down in physical matter and thoughts.


Now, at this point, I can only say to all the readers of this article – you can only accept what resonates with you and it if doesn’t, then it is not meant for you.


“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” (Quote from Buddha)


The spiritual worlds are graduated spheres of existence, that are always merging, blending and intermingling into each other, some touching the earth plane. We are all given the opportunity whilst in this ‘World of the Light’ to unfold and develop even further the qualities of our soul and mind, whilst progressing on our eternal path. The more we learn in these spiritual spheres, the more we learn there is to be learned because as we all know knowledge, truth and wisdom is never-ending.  As spirit life is graduated with each sphere, level, plane or state blending into the next one, the soul, as it progresses whilst there, automatically occupies the state above. The composition of these worlds become finer and more ethereal in the higher planes.  In spirit everyone is on the plane to which they have evolved.  It is not possible for undeveloped and highly developed souls to reside in the same sphere of existence. Since the spirit world is composed of different degrees of light, it is not possible for a low vibration to sustain or endure a level of light that is not compatible to them. Yet it is possible for those in the higher realms of light to lower their vibration to assist those on a lower level.

Now that we have been made aware of the lower spheres, where the undeveloped souls go, it also needs to be emphasised that it is not a hell as pictured by many. It is a sphere which spirit himself creates by his own thinking and his own living. So, there is no good or bad levels in the world of spirit, only levels that suit each vibrational level.


I remember at school being told that I was born with original sin, and a very scary ‘purgatory’ and ‘hell’ existed when we died.  Purgatory being a place of suffering for departed souls.  We were led to believe that after dying we are judged on our earthly life and remained in purgatory until amends were made for any venial sins committed, whilst on earth, before being allowed to enter heaven.  Hell, we were told was a place of fire and of eternal damnation as a result of any mortal sins that were committed.  Oh, what a very grim, bleak spiritual theology and philosophy, a concept which created unnecessary anxiety and fear.


Many of us have been blessed with a questioning mind that grows and develops over time.  I do believe it is important that we receive in our early stages of life some ‘stepping stones’ of religious knowledge which forms a grounding or basis for the interpretation of the truth.


Yet, through time, whilst on the physical most of us start to question many of our early religious teachings and we come to the realisation that true religion is something that is deep within oneself. Very hard to describe, yet we sense it as the Divine aspect of our self.


And now, through spirit communication we are being told that there is no judgment in spirit. There is self-examination, by each person when they pass over. They look into their own earthly life and see the errors and mistakes that they have made. 


As the spirit world is a mind world spirit cannot lie or fool themselves into make believe, as is often done in the physical world. Each person judges himself at the level of his own soul development and the motives of his soul. This is in accordance with the Divine Plan. We are what we are because of what we have done, be it commendable or immoral.  


“Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7 Context).


Now, we ask ourselves “How do we come to live in the awareness of our eternal self – our true, higher self whilst living in this material world?”


Many spiritual traditions offer methods and practices which help us to self-awaken. A daily spiritual practice is a choice that we make. There are so many roads that can be taken to lead us to our divinity and our inner light. It is also a massive opportunity to recognise that we are more than just a body. It reveals to us “Who AM I really”. By getting to the core of ourselves, we will find that we delve into the higher aspects or our self and automatically raise our vibration which in turn leaves us feeling happier, brighter, more positive and peaceful. When we change our thoughts in a positive fashion, we change the world around us.

The advice and exercise below is only a guideline because we eventually find our own way of expressing our inner self.


  • It may be helpful to make an appointment with yourself everyday at a quiet time to do a spiritual practice.

  • Could be a sincere heart-felt prayer, affirmation or small meditation that you focus on for a few minutes.

  • It may be helpful to play some soft soothing music.

  • Keeping a daily journal to mark your daily progress can be very enlightening.

  • Try not to have any preconceived ideas. There is no place more powerful than the present moment – so at this time try not to think of the past or future.

  • Our inner dialogue is very important as to how we will experience the material.

  • By recognising the Divinity within yourself – you automatically recognise it in others.

  • Accept that every experience in our life is a perfect opportunity to know our self at a much deeper level. No relationship we encounter in life is wrong – all has given us the opportunity to grow.

  • Remember that our inner truth is our best ‘teacher’.


  1. While sitting in a quiet, relaxed environment visualize a ‘golden light’ right above your head and streaming through your crown chakra.

  2. Sense your whole body being filled with this glorious light.

  3. Feel it flowing right through your body and filling up your heart (the heart of love and compassion).

  4. Now as you are taking a deep breath – and as you exhale slowly say to yourself “I am the Light”, and with your next deep breath and once again as you slowly exhale say “You are the Light” and on the third deep breath, when you are slowly exhaling say “We are the Light”. Now on the fourth breath and slow exhale – say “I have accessed the Light of my soul and I share it with the world”. These are very powerful words and as you practice you will see the results.

  5. At any point during the day, when you are out and about and busy – one can always say mentally to themselves “I have ignited my Light and it shines brightly out into the world”.



There are many worlds within the spirit world. All spheres intermingling, blending and merging. There exist many levels within each of these levels. The composite of these worlds become finer and more ethereal in the higher planes. I am just showing the principal spheres in the diagram below:


Diagram showing basic different levels in the Spirit World



CELESTRIAL (Also known as the Angelic Realm)

This is the highest level, where time and space are irrelevant. This is home to great beings i.e. dwelling place of Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, Celestial beings and teachers. This level is beyond the comprehension of most of us.


MENTAL PLANE (Also known as the Ethereal World or the Thought Plane)

This is a realm of divine inspiration free from earthly desires and conflict. Vibrates at a much higher level than the Astral. As we move up from Astral our bodies become lighter and of a higher frequency Many at this sphere choose to lower their energy to Astral level so as to become involved in helping earth people with earth projects. 



This is the 1st location where we are met by deceased family and friends. We gravitate towards this plane after death – also known as Summerland where newly arrived spirits acclimatise themselves. A rest area initially where spirit then decides what level they are attracted towards based on their earthly life led. Here they are drawn to those other spirits who are compatible with them spiritually and mentally. Although each section contains divisions of varying vibratory rates, this is where we find ourselves after passing from the physical world. At transition because ‘like attracts like’ newly arrived spirit finds themselves automatically drawn to the appropriate environment (level in spirit). Many souls are ill equipped to enter the Spiritual Dimension, due to a traumatic death or non-belief - thinking that they are in some kind of dream when they pass over – that is why the astral in its initial stage is similar to our earthly existence, so as not to make their transition so shocking. This sphere is as real to spirit as the material is to us here on earth.


There are three levels within the Astral level:


3. Higher – Heaven, a place of opportunity for souls to grow in spiritual consciousness. 


2. Intermediate – those who need rehab and rest after long physical illness, trauma experience or inflexible beliefs.  When a deceased one goes to this level, it may be difficult for us on earth to sense their presence or have communication with them initially, as spirit may not have the energy at this time.


1. Lower – where the least evolved souls reside. Yet they are giving the opportunity of growing spiritually, when they are ready. No-one is forgotten no matter how low a vibration level they acquired as a result of their physical life. 


ETHERIC (the energy field surrounding our physical body)

The start of the non-physical world and the universe. This is the plane where spirit connects with the material, and it is the etheric that goes into spirit when one dies. This level is adhered to physical. When our physical dies, memory and mind are all contained in our etheric body which travels on to the Astral. Any who feel lost or bewildered during their transition are automatically assisted by ‘helpers’ in the spirit world.


PHYSICAL (our world)

This is the densest of all planes – where we live in the material – a dense heavy physical world. During our life on earth we determine our vibratory rate by thought, attitude, deed and spiritual understanding. On the physical the soul is given an opportunity to learn to evolve.



Barbara Johnston MA MNFSH

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