Types Of Workshops

Whilst working with our Angels and Guides we will be integrating the following topics:

Working with our Angels and Guides

We all have a Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide guiding us right through our lives whilst here on this Earth. They only wish to do God's work by bringing joy, peace and love to us all. The Angelic Realm and Spiritual Guides like all beings of light, cannot interfere with our free will but regardless, they remain constantly by our side, waiting patiently for our awareness to become open to them and to their guidance.



Meditation or mindfulness as it is now known – is an active training of the mind to increase awareness. It is a huge part of the process when developing our psychic and mediumship abilities. Meditation allows our mind and body to relax whilst recharging our inner batteries, calming us down, cleansing our minds of every day clutter and allowing stress to escape. At this point we achieve inner clarity and an awareness of our inner being, which allows our mind to develop on a much higher level and allows us to sense on a much greater vibration. Different meditation programmes approach these paths in different ways.


Psychic Work

A psychic (and we are all born psychic) is an intuitive person who can tune into energies around a person, place or thing. We have the ability to read and sense energy and vibrations around us. This is our 6th sense (gut feeling) or deep knowing. It is just a matter of recognising and knowing how to tap into this skill. Many psychics, even sense energies from the past and future. This ability can be developed further to assist psychics to acquire mediumistic skills. Many are happy to stay at the psychic level, yet it is very different than being a medium. Every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium. It is a known fact that psychics perceive information (through one’s auric field) and mediums receive information (directly from the spirit world).


Mediumship Work

The focus for us as a medium is to prove the existence of life after death. We are able to communicate with deceased loved ones and relay messages to those here on the physical. We do this by bridging the divide between the physical and spiritual world. As well as being a very good psychic we are able to achieve a higher level of awareness, energetically. Because the spirit world vibrates at a much quicker rate of energy than the physical world which vibrates at a much slower rate, we as mediums are able to communicate and tap into this higher frequency of energy and become an intermediary between this world and the spirit world. This skill lies within us all - waiting to be developed.


Spiritual Healing

This is a non-religious healing, so there is no conflict of beliefs. Spiritual Healing consist of true healing of the body, mind and spirit. This healing power is within all of us and the healer who acts as a channel for Spirit creates a combination of positive loving Divine Energy, whilst visualizing both themselves and the patient filled and surrounded by a beautiful white light. The important point is that the healer believes in spiritual healing and that the recipient, who even if he does not necessarily believe, is seeking assistance for something to change in his life. Healing comes from Spirit – the Divine Energy, through Spirit – the healer/medium, to Spirit – the recipient. Spiritual healing acts on one level or another. (It needs to be noted that Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for advice from the medical profession and is not an alternative for medical treatment. No professional healer would suggest otherwise).


Channelling and working with our Guides/Spiritual Teachers

Channeling is not about connecting with those who have just passed over, but with those who reside in higher spiritual realms and have developed and evolved accordingly. To follow this path of spiritual growth and development, we must know ourselves, and be prepared to work at this level through our higher self.


As channeling involves achieving an expanded state of consciousness, we need to have the ability to concentrate and focus at a much deeper level within. By doing so we raise our vibration to sense/see/hear in the higher realms of our angels, guides and spiritual teachers, thus giving us the ability to consciously bring through messages. These can come in the form of automatic writing, voice channeling, or any other creative faculty we feel drawn towards.


This is a skill that can be learned, and you do not necessarily feel that you need to be psychic or mediumistic to achieve this. There are many levels of channeling – which comes about through practice.

Private One-To-One Workshops

Experience the same structure as the group workshops but in a private one-to-one capacity. Click here for more information.