Day Workshops

Working with Your Angels and Guides and its benefits:

Angels, Guides and Spiritual Beings have been accepted in all faiths, religious and paths of spiritual thoughts since the beginning of time. Connecting with our Angels and Guides brings us back to that natural state of joyfulness that lies within each and every one of us. They inspire us with the peace and happiness which comes from trusting their communication and guidance.

These workshops are intended to bring you closer to the Angelic and Spiritual Realms and in particular to personalise your relationship with your very own Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide. They teach you and communicate to you how to listen more closely to their guidance.


They will assist you to be aware of Angels and Guides in your life whilst making you more conscious of the Divine guidance they are revealing to you.  In turn you will recognise your true Divine nature.


Giving you confidence to quietly ‘let go’ and to trust the Divine through the guidance of your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide, in turn allows you to commit in love to them and the Divine. They assist you to believe that you have a higher purpose which needs to be revealed to you.


They reveal to you how to empower your own material path in this world, whilst helping you to remember all your creative ‘gifts’ which you have suppressed. You will further notice that by working with your Angels and Guides and being aware of their presence you will feel more positive whilst the negative aspects of your life appear to be diminishing. Through finding and trusting this closeness with our Angels and Guides we learn to accept and understand our imperfections.


Through all this – you will be a great support spiritually to all others in your life, whilst also now recognising your own special inspired way of being in this material world.


Your work with your Angels and Guides, through their communication will automatically make you a healer to all troubled people that you meet in your life, helping us to share more of who we are with all we meet. Working with them  can help us access a wisdom, guidance and direction far greater than our five senses. We then begin to realise that communing with our Angels and Guides is not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of others.


And finally, these workshops will give you a deep understanding of the Spiritual and Angelic Realm and your personal Spiritual Guide and Guardian Angel which in turn includes all different types of connections that is possible to make with them - and all of which are made available to you through meditative states or the experience of the silence within.