Surrendering to the Divine

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June 2017

A few months ago I was asked by Pam Gillmore the co- owner of Global Magazine - The Holistic Life Style Magazine, to contribute an article for Esoteric Gazing magazine's June edition. My article has been inspired by my poem, "Surrendering to the Divine". Enjoy, Barbara. 

Many years ago, when I first starting thinking about the concept of ‘Surrendering to the Divine’ - it sounded intimidating and overpowering to me. It was at a point in my life when difficult experiences prompted me to re-evaluate, that I started to think very deeply about why we often experience anxiety and despair. My inner knowing told me that these difficulties were not within the awe-inspiring Divine plan. So it was then that I turned my thoughts to the Divine whilst I kept asking myself ‘To whom or what do we surrender?’ When trying to come to terms with the idea of Surrendering to the Divine - I then came to a realisation that it is the word ‘surrender’ itself that is often greatly misunderstood. The word is perceived to mean something negative, such as defeat, weakness, powerlessness or allowing another to dominate or take control of us and even suggests that we have failed to rise up to challenges in life.


Yet, now I realise that unconditionally Surrendering to the Divine is not about losing control, giving up, failing in life or even letting go of material acquisitions. I now understand that it is actually having the profound wisdom not only to detach materially and emotionally but also to yield to the flow of life whilst gently releasing the aspect of our ego that does not serve us positively. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a healthy ego – one that is full of self-love, appreciation and compassion - it is through having an unhealthy ego which contains superior or inferior thoughts while being self-absorbed and having feelings of fear, abandonment, vulnerability and perceiving people as threatening, when problems in our life arise. Trying to fix a problem is not a solution as we are giving energy to a problem that is in the mind. We keep the negative and unhappy feelings alive by giving them time through compulsive thinking. Often, we are addicted to our senses, our desires, to the struggles of life, and to our ignorance of who and what we are. If we do not surrender, because of our lack of awareness - it is because our obstructive ego is afraid to evolve.

It is through our conditioning and indoctrination that we believe that in order to experience the desired physical results in life our existence now requires considerable effort in the form of rigid expectations or difficult work to make it happen – this is not so. We need to relinquish inner resistance. The direction received through a state of surrender will never be one of struggle or pain, because we are connecting with the divine essence within.


Now through my life experiences and deep reflection - I also accept that Surrendering to the Divine is all about learning to allow aspects of our life to flow rather than forcing things to happen. Forcing or making things happen means that we are literally creating a form of resistance which draws to us events, conditions and circumstances which in turn brings anguish into our life. Not surrendering is like feeling the need to have a protection of armour which further blocks a lot of positivity that comes our way. So, by surrendering we take of this shield of defence and give ourselves permission to trust the Will of the Divine, the Universe. We all have the Divinity within us and when we choose to accept this level we are then in the process of surrendering.

The powerful tool of surrender is a choice – it is an energetic connection that replaces material reality. Through surrendering we release all energetic roadblocks which actually hinders our manifesting abilities. We need to accept each day, hour and minute unconditionally. Aspects of our life go wrong often and it is precisely at those times that surrender needs to be practiced if we want to eliminate pain and sorrow. Acceptance of ‘that’s life’ or ‘so be it’ or ‘what is’ frees us. This does not mean that on the outer level you cannot take action and change the situation – it means that you take positive action in a surrendered state which brings in a totally different energy because you are connecting with your true inner being - the Source. This is a lot more effective than a negative action which arises out of annoyance, despair or anger.


When circumstances in our life becomes intolerable – it is only through surrendering first that we then break the unconscious struggle pattern that sustains the condition. Therefore surrendering is the most important action we can take to bring about positive change. In this state of Surrender we then have full clarity because our state of awareness now ceases to be controlled by external conditions –So whilst we are taking appropriate action in this surrendered state – we will notice that factors such as anxiety, guilt, remorse, frustration etc have dissolved because of our enlightened perception – our heightened state of consciousness. When faced with circumstances in our life that is causing us grief – first we need to acknowledge that we have negative factors that could influence our direction. So when this is realised we acknowledge that these ‘factors’ do not serve us positively.

Surrendering to the Divine means that we let go of any need to dominate, control or manipulate. In turn it also means that in this heightened state of awareness we do not allow others to dominate, control or manipulate us either by just saying a perfect ‘no’ firmly to them, or by removing ourselves from the negative environment. If this is not possible – through the enlightened state we now understand we can then choose inner peace and freedom by letting go and not reacting from a conditioned mind. This is about making a commitment to stop thinking that we have to be in control of anything or anything is in control of us – so by consciously stepping back and relaxing into life - we are then trusting the Universe - feeling the path of ease and freeing ourselves by trusting 100% to Divine Guidance. Surrendering to the Divine essentially means attuning our will with that of the Will of the Divine.

Through experiences I now accept that all events that occur in our lives regardless of how we perceive them always serve a higher purpose. Now believing that all our life happenings in spite of how they may appear on the surface of which we often have limited understanding – all happens as a means to help us grow – and is all part of the bigger scheme of life.

The fact is if we do not surrender in life – then life becomes a struggle. It is often only when we have suffered enough that we start to surrender. It is at that point that faith comes in. Faith is all about realizing that there is something higher and beyond the ego. We are then beginning to trust the flow and the process of life. It is at that point that we start to merge with the Divine and we trust and realise that the Divine is there for us.


I found all this very hard to understand initially – because it is the negative aspect of our ego that finds surrendering a problem. Yet, if we think deeply about our suffering – we realise that it came into our lives because we went down the ‘wrong path’, or could not accept loss etc. It is the attachments to ‘things’ and not letting go that causes us to suffer.


The key word is trust – trust and the power of surrendering go hand in hand. A fundamental aspect of truly surrendering is learning to have confidence in your intuition, which in turn comes from Divine Guidance. We are all naturally intuitive. This is a God given ability that has been granted to us all. It is factual that the best way to achieve Divine Guidance is through learning to quieten the mind by going into the stillness within and or through meditation and then we automatically learn to connect with the source of ‘Who I Am’, God, The Divine, the Universe or whatever we perceive is the deep connection to our inner core.

Here is a centering exercise that will help us to understand who we truly are:

(When we meditate – we are spending precious time with our Higher Self, through stilling the mind. The Higher Self, the Divine reflection of our self, is the connection between our physical personality and the Divine energy that flows through everyone and everything. The more we are in tune with our Higher Self, the more we become aware of the Light Being that we are. Through this awareness we open the channel for higher wisdom and guidance to come through to us within our intuitive mind. When we learn to let the channel flow freely in both directions we are constantly being guided by our higher wisdom and based on that guidance we make choices and create our world in the highest most beautiful way due to the fact that we are beginning to channel the energy of our Higher Self).


‘Sit or lie in a comfortable position - with no crossed legs or arms – now with your eyes closed - place your hand on your heart – not the emotional, physical heart but the heart of love and compassion – now visualise a brilliant white light coming through your crown chakra and filling up your whole body and as you take a deep breath in – visualise your heart expanding with this brilliant white light and say to yourself the word ‘peace’ and as you breath out release any chaos, fears or frustrations, and when your mind wanders – bring your awareness back to the word ‘peace’ – just continue that thought of ‘peace’ until you find you become calm and more centred. Now ask your Higher Self to come and step forward in this sacred space - feel this sense of oneness and joy projecting from the core of this Divine Light. While you are bringing this light through your whole body tell yourself – this is who I am and who I want to be. Stay within this energy and it is also at this point that you can ask questions and wait for answers to come to you through words, mental images or feeling impressions. Expand this light out now even further round your physical and ask to be given a feeling or sense as to your true purpose here in this world. And just before you come back into the room – say within ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. Now when finished notice the difference you feel about yourself.’


This practice allows us to get to know who we truly are and brings peace into every fibre and cell of our being.


True surrendering is all about self mastery in all areas of our life – emotionally and in life itself and all this is made possible as a result of discovering who and what we truly are (Who I AM). ‘I AM’ are the most powerful words in the universe which when understood creates freedom within and makes us master of our destiny. In discovering who we truly are we enhance our understanding of the fact that we choose to create our life and in doing so we create the cause and the effects that have stemmed from that cause. It took me quite some time to understand that we in actual fact create our own suffering though our conditioned minds.


We need to trust that what we most desire to experience will manifest itself when the time is right. This can only come about by letting go of human logic and the aspect of our ego that does not serve us positively and allowing the growth process of what we want to create to unfold naturally – this in turn will awaken our true potential and Divine purpose.


If we all surrendered to the Divine we would be bringing heaven and earth together – no wars would exist if we did this. The world would be transformed. If we want more peace, more purpose, and joy in our lives – then surrendering to the Divine is the most rational and sensible choice we can make.

To sum up - There are so many benefits to surrendering: 

  • We bring the ‘Law of Attraction’ to us where like attracts like (by remembering that we attract and manifest whatever corresponds to our inner state)

  • The spiritual energy that stems from surrendering is of a much higher vibrational frequency than our mind energy

  • We awaken the Self (Who I AM) which opens the doorway to profound inner peace

  • We eventually achieve serenity which brings about deep abiding peace, clarity and calmness

  • We find infinite ways of dealing with life challenges that we cannot conceive with our limited thoughts and in turn we bring in unlimited accomplishments in each and every area of our life

  • Surrendering will help guide us towards our true purpose and highest good

  • We become free of fears and self-imposed limitations, by surrendering to the Divine

  • In this state of consciousness, we begin to understand that everything works out in its own time

“Deep inside of each one of us is light that is utterly peaceful and quiet. It is the you in me and the me in you. It is unaffected and undisturbed by the outer world. It is unchanged by birth and death. It is not limited by time and space. Teachers can teach you about this world, but only you can come to know the inner you. This inner light is always pure, ever present, and free of sorrow. Learn to rest in the Self… Come to know the Bliss…” ~ Vashishta 

(Yoga Vashishta is the name of one of the most ancient and famous scriptures of India. The name literally means "the Yoga of Sage Vashishta", - Vashishta being the name of a great sage or seer).

I have written a ‘free verse’ poem to correspond with the article of ‘Surrendering to the Divine’