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Bringing Home our Spiritual Truths

A collection of Spiritual poems in softcover book format

Published in November 2019 by Barbara Johnston M.A. MNFSH

About the Book

I have written this collection of poems, over many years. From my own experience, I find that lyrics are often a very simple way of bringing home to us important messages and spiritual truths. My deepest wish is that the contents of these poems will awaken the human mind of our spiritual essence. We are all Spirit, living in a human body and when we allow the Divine essence within us to rise to the surface, we find that we will automatically start to think and act in a spiritual manner and that our life here doesn’t change but the method in which we interact with life will. So my innermost aspiration is that the words written through my poems, might stir a curiosity within us that will affirm that the soul is eternal and that we do not die. Our consciousness does survive our body and we continue to exist, after our death from this physical world, at varying levels of awareness in a greater dimension.

About the Author

Barbara Johnston M.A. MNFSH Barbara Johnston is a registered Spiritual Healer with the NFSH since the mid-1990s. She has an honours M.A. in Applied Spirituality from the National University of Ireland. She organises and holds workshops in Ireland through the guidance and direction of her Guardian Angel, Sophia, and Spirit Guide, Joseph. The Channelling workshops that Barbara presents, assists all attendees, through their higher self, to achieve an expanded state of consciousness, in order to connect and work with their high level guide/spiritual teacher. She teaches all those who attend her mediumship workshops how to connect and communicate with their angels, guides, and deceased loved ones through various channels.


Barbara also holds one-to-one workshops and private sessions for Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Readings. Contact Barbara below.