The Role Of Angels And How They Communicate To Us

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A few months ago I was asked by Pam Gillmore the co- owner of Global Magazine - The Holistic Life Style Magazine, to contribute an article for their online edition on the 'role of Angels and how they communicate to us'. Here is the full editorial if you would like to take a look. Enjoy, Barbara. 

11 August 2016


 Angels have been accepted in all faiths, religions and paths of spiritual thoughts since the beginning of time. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the ancient Greek angelos, meaning ‘messenger’. The Angel’s role as intermediary between the Divine Mind of our Creator and those of us residing on the material plane, includes protecting, nudging and guiding us towards our Soul’s Divine Plan (aligning us with our highest and true purpose in this life). Whilst we are living a physical existence, when our Angels are recognised, they bring joy, peace, love and harmony to us. As our Soul’s messengers, the Angel’s main role is to transmute our deepest and darkest fears into pure love happiness and freedom, so we can ascertain our deepest heart desires, through positivity. This in turn reveals our hidden manifestations, power and natural gifts. These Divine Messengers, respond to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection, and comfort. I ask my angels, daily, to please always surround me and my loved ones, my home, and all other aspects of my life, and I always feel very comforted in knowing that they are with me. 

They remain constantly by our side waiting patiently for our awareness to become open to them and their guidance. We all have a Guardian Angel who is appointed to us at the time of incarnation. Their role is literally to be the keeper of our conscience and will prompt us to do what is right and inspire us to the best quality of our Soul. This is the Angel who constantly stays with us from birth until our transition back to heaven. Our Guardian Angel serves only us and no-one else. They are our own ‘Personal Angel’ and are limited unlike the Archangels who are unlimited and have a more powerful and stronger essence – the Archangels are the overseers of our Guardian Angel and all the other Angels (our own cabinet of Angels!) that we call upon to assist us in our lives. 

Angels are amazing, intelligent, high vibrational beings and unlike the Spirit World they have never lived on the physical. Although Angels are always all around us, they are not visible to us because they vibrate at a frequency that is beyond our auditory and visual level. Yet to individuals who are able to raise their consciousness sufficiently, they can manifest. I love to call the Angels ‘Beings of Light’ as they embody the purest form of loving light available to us. As they are here to serve us and to help us awaken the Divinity that is within us, they come to assist us only in what can be called the ‘Highest Good for all and Everything’. According to Universal Law (the universe exists in perfect harmony with unchangeable laws) the Angels cannot interfere with our free will, yet they subtly encourage us to make choices in keeping with our Higher Self (the eternal real inner self), as their will is Divine Will. It is difficult for Angels to connect with us if our emotions are upset and discordant. They can help us more easily if our aura (the energy field which surrounds us and is influenced by our thoughts) is calm and bright. That is why it is necessary when wanting to connect with our angels, to take time to centre ourselves and breathe in their pure light before talking to them. By focussing on this light we attune to the energy of the Angelic Realm and then effortlessly have experiences of our Angels, directly. A little exercise that I do early every morning either before I get out of bed or in a comfortable chair, is to call in my Angels to receive their guidance and support:


I close my eyes and take 3 slow, deep relaxing breaths. I visualize a bright light (like the rays of the sun), pouring in from the crown of my head (the crown chakra) and filling up my entire body. I now visualize this golden light expanding out and surrounding my body and I then focus inward whilst calling in my Angels to assist me right now.


Whilst doing this exercise I hand over any distracting thoughts to my Angels, that might enter into my mind. I then outline, to my Angels, any situation that is causing me anxiety and I leave myself open as to how the Angelic assistance comes to me.


Whilst handing over any worries, fears or problems I trust automatically that they are with me every step of the way. At this point I always feel a warm, loving reassurance of their presence and I am now open to receive telepathic messages from them. Finally I finish off by expressing gratitude and appreciation. 


It is through this silence within that one is able to be more open to the presence of their Angels through the senses. 

I have helped many people over the years to awaken to the Angelic Realm. When I hold my workshops the first exercise I do is to assist and encourage the attendees through meditation to personalize their relationship with their very own Guardian Angel, by giving them a name.


This meditation exercise opens a gateway to the Celestial Realms of Light and whilst we are being brought closer to the Angelic Realm it also assists us to be aware of all the other Angels in our lives who are making us more conscious of the Divine guidance that is being revealed to us all. I use many different avenues to help attendees to communicate with and through the Angels. e.g. Angel cards, Colour, Automatic writing, Psychometry, Angel Healing, Psychic work, Mediumship work and Channelling. 

I have been consistently told by many that as soon as they become aware of the Angelic Realm they sense: 


  • A totally renewed outlook to life

  • They feel a natural joyfulness, more happiness, and greater peace and serenity

  • An overwhelming sense of self worth and love

  • More clarity and trust in their lives

  • More positivity and a diminished negativity

  • A better balance and focus in all aspects of their existence

  • A deep feeling of being nurtured


Angels usually communicate telepathically, therefore it is necessary to differentiate between our own thoughts and messages received from the Angels. All communication from the Angels are always positive, loving and helpful. Any negative or fearful messages are not from our Angels but from our ego. As we are all the product of our upbringing to include past conditioning, religious traditions and life experiences etc. it is often very difficult to let go. Additionally, although we often become quite disconnected from our intuition and inner guidance whilst engrossed with the material, the Angels who are so aware of these physical conditions, work in conjunction with our Higher Self. They then wait patiently for our attention and awareness, whilst working within our present thoughts, at that time, as a way to reach us. Also many of us, being too externally focussed in daily events, are not aware of the presence of Angels and so often the subtle signs and signals being brought to us are ignored or thought of as a ‘coincidence’. These sensitive beings of light would be aware when one is not ready to receive their communication through the senses i.e. sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch or deep knowing. It is at this point that angels find alternative avenues to alert all to the message they are trying to convey. As these radiant beings know us so well, they are aware what signs will now capture our attention. These signs will contain personal meaning, and also best guide our next steps:


They are constantly leaving symbolic reminders of their love and support: As Angels operate in Divine timing each message arrives at the precise moment we are meant to receive it. When looking for Angelic help we need to ask our Angels for a sign. I always find that when I ask them for a sign that I will easily recognise and understand, they never fail to do so. I then thank them for their help.

When you become aware of these signs from your Angel, their main purpose is to alert you to their presence. Just take a deep breath knowing that your Angel is reaching out to you. Then as you tune in and become aware of their message to you, you start seeing things from a higher Divine perspective. Always feel free to ask your Angel the significance of each sign you receive.


The most common way that Angels will attempt to capture our attention is through seeing recurring number sequences. Although each number has specific Angelic meanings, each and all meanings include keeping a positive attitude. When amplified e.g. 1,11,111,1111 this gives a much stronger message and multiplies its influence. You may be alerted to seeing a sequence of numbers for example either on a car registration plate, clock, or telephone number etc. I am always fascinated by triple numbers, multiples or more as they are so meaningful to me at each given time.


 I have illustrated below a brief guide of what each Angel Number means:


  1. Your thoughts are being manifested – so monitor them carefully as our thoughts become reality

    1. Think positively as a gate of opportunity is opening to you

  2. New thoughts and ideas are beginning to grow – keep positive as manifestation is soon taking place

    1. Your wishes and prayers are becoming a reality

  3. The Higher Spiritual Realm (Ascended Masters) are letting you know that you have their help- they are listening to you and want to help - become aware of them - call on them – manifestation of your thoughts will happen at the right time

  4. The Angels are surrounding you with love and help and are with you this very moment

    1. Become aware of them

  5. Big major changes ahead for you – be at peace – ask your angels for help to manifest these changes positively

  6. You need to balance your thoughts at present between the physical and spiritual

    1. Remember your thoughts create reality 

    2. Ask your angels to help you with the material fears you have at present

  7. You are now focussed and your angels are delighted – expect more miraculous opportunities to come into your life

  8. You are closing a chapter in your life – enjoy the new phase of abundance in all areas of your life

  9. A big phase in your personal life has come to an end – rejoice in the change which involves the path to accomplish your soul’s purpose

  10. The angels are reminding you that you are One with God

    1. Sense the Presence of the Divine Guidance – which is now and always available to you


Another very common sign from the Angels are feathers.


Feathers of any colour are a beautiful reminder that your Angels are very near, protecting and guiding us. They are also directly connected with thoughts, prayer and any issues that you have on you mind at that time. Although feathers are called ‘calling cards’ they symbolically represent freedom, new beginnings and a connection to the Higher Spiritual Realms. It is a more powerful sign if you find a feather in an abnormal setting. Different coloured feathers have separate meaning - below is a gist of each colour:





















A combination of all the colours, black symbolizes protection, and your Angels are also reminding you that all spiritual wisdom lies within. 



Harmony, peace and purity. 



Healing, abundance, renewal.



Unconditional love, peace and inspiration. 



opening of higher spiritual awareness and greater clarity. 



Angels are asking you to take note of your emotions and energy levels at this time. 



Enlightenment and clarification coming to you. 



You are grounded and have a good balance between earth / spiritual realm. 



Stay positive – change is about to happen. 



Spiritual protection and a sign that your Angels are bringing in peace and tranquillity. 



Peace and hope.


When I find a feather, I personally use my intuition as to its meaning, particularly if the feather is two toned.


Below is an overview of some other most common signs and their meaning: Contained within these signs that our Angels make available to us is an unlimited possibility for growth and positive transformation:



We notice Angel shapes in the clouds or in bubbles – once again they are drawing our awareness to them and letting us know that they love us.



A song / lyric that is very meaningful to us – is a message from our Angels guiding us whilst clarifying or easing a situation for us.



The gift of a coin helps us to feel supported emotionally, financially and spiritually. When these are found it often happens to those who need consolation at that time and their Angels are letting them know that they are present at all time, giving love, support and guidance. Also the date on the coin could be very significant to you.



Angels love to make their presence known through smell and often leave flower scents in their path. This sign is to give us encouragement.  If you receive the smell of a departed loved one’s perfume or body scent, your Angel is letting you know that the loved one is with you.



The Angels are letting you know that they are sending you healing and are surrounding you in this glorious light to bring you joy and renewal.


A disembodied voice (a voice out of nowhere) maybe calling your name for e.g. – once again this is a reassurance of your Angels presence – this often happens when one is in need of comfort and support.



The sign of a rainbow promises Divine Love, encouragement, support and protection. Your Angels are also letting you know that your prayers are being answered. This is a more powerful sign, if there has been no rain.



As babies and pets have not been conditioned like us humans, they have the ability to see beyond the physical. If you see them gazing at one point of a blank wall or ceiling – they are probably looking at your Angel.



If, out of the blue, you get a telephone call from someone you needed support from – your Angel has inspired and prompted them to ring you – so as to give you clarity and wisdom when needed.



If you have experienced a tingling sensation or a soft touch on the back of the neck/ arm/ back etc. or you have experienced sudden chills or a warm glow - your Angel is making you aware that you are in their presence. If you have felt a deep feeling of a presence in the room – this is telling you that you are loved unconditionally. True angelic experiences involve feelings e.g. feeling warm, embraced, love or feeling safe even if you are being warned of danger.


You surprisingly read an article that is very relevant to you at that time – your Angel has inspired you to read it and suddenly an ‘answer jumps out at you’ to a problem or question that you have been pondering on. 


Other non- material communications given by our Angels are:



Many receive their guidance and reassurance from their Angels through a deep sense of their inner knowing, which I always call our 6th sense. This is our deep intuition which has no rational logic to it. This depth of perception in its purest form is a neutral, calm awareness and yet even though the enlightenment is coming from an unknown place - the insight, feeling and information coming from our Angels is so strong throughout our entire being that it seems to come from our soul level.



During this receptive relaxing period of dreamtime our mind is still and quiet– we have cut out the material world, temporarily, and our dreamlike state is now a reality. At this stage our conscious ego mind has been rested, and Angels often use this time to transmit clear telepathic messages and leave us with a feeling of their love and presence. I find dreaming is an incredibly powerful way to directly connect with spiritual guidance. Often, if I have a problem, I will ask the Angels to please give me a message while I sleep and I usually find in the morning I am as ‘clear as a bell’ with the solution. (Thus, the quote ‘sleep on it’).



Often during meditation and deep prayer your guardian Angel and your team of Angels will show up visibly in the form of light. They often show symbolic images that have a clear, deep meaning to you. Many just sense their presence and knowing that their Angels are with them, they begin to trust the Angelic messages received. Your Angels always leave you with an overwhelming sense of love and joy, even when asking for help at this time their communication is still always positive joyful and peaceful.

May your Guardian Angel and all the other Angels that surround you in your lifetime here, bring love, light, comfort, peace, joy and gratitude to you all. If you'd like to take a look at the online magazine check it out here


I have also written a poem to correspond with the above article called "Angel Signals".