Recommended Reading For Workshops:

My Whispering Angels - Francesca Brown

This beautiful book takes us on a wondrous journey of self discovery and healing with the Angelic Realm. It helps us to believe and understand that although we are all on our own individual journey, by becoming aware and trusting the guidance from our angels we develop a life of happiness and hope. A very touching and poignant read.



1. Working With Our Angels



My Journey with Angels - Patricia Buckley

This lovely book reveals how the writer who had a very difficult and traumatic life finds trust, peace, joy and love eventually through communicating with her angels. Although her gift was often misunderstood throughout the years, she eventually through her relationship with the angels overcame her past experiences and has now created a life bringing joy, healing and positivity to others. Reading this book will convince you that we are not alone and that we all have our angels constantly by our side.

2. Mindfulness

First Steps to Meditation – Lyn Genders

This easy to read book is very practical in assisting one to feel an awareness of their inner being. Genders assists one to understand the importance and benefits of mindfulness meditation, whilst teaching one how to practice meditation so as to obtain its full benefits.


Meditation for Beginners – Jack Kornfield

This lovely concise book details “6 guided meditations for Insight, Inner Clarity and Cultivating a Compassionate Heart”. This book also contains a C.D. by Kornfield which assists one to connect with each of the guided meditations.

3. Psychic Awareness

Intuitive Journey – Ann Walker

This very interesting book brings us on a journey through our intuition from tuning in to our ‘gut feelings’ to ‘an inner knowing’ thus removing layers of conditioning that we have experienced over the years. Walker explains that by doing so we relearn the ability to ‘look’ with our own inner self at others. This ability keeps us in touch with our inner intuitive self. There are many tools available to unlocking the doors to our psyche and Walker explains this very precisely in this book.


The Secrets to Unlocking your psychic Ability – Matthew Frazer

This book concentrates on developing ones psychic ability, whilst Frazer explains the different levels of psychic abilities we process from a ‘gut feeling to a deep inner knowing’. He goes into detail about our intuition and informs us about our guides and angels explaining what role they play in our lives through this gift. By asking for signs through our guides Frazer explains that it is a very simple way of developing this intuition. He gives us exercises on how to develop, tap into and test our intuition and also emphasises the importance of symbols which assists us greatly in our spiritual work. Frazer writes a lot of detail about clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentient (emotion) and clairaudience (hearing). He calls this journey a ‘flower about to bloom’ and writes about being positive of this gift which we have all naturally acquired.

Also the second half of Frazer’s book – mentioned above – writes in detail about mediumship – stressing the importance first of having learned to develop all of your psychic senses. He provides a very clear and easy way of feeling the presence of a loved one who has passed on into spirit.


4. Mediumship Awareness

Gifted – A Guide for Mediums Psychics and Intuitives – Lisa Andres

This very practical and easy to read book assists you to discover whether or not you are open to your mediumistic abilities. For those of you who are interested in finding out why you always had a deep sense of invisible energies and felt guided by these energies around you – this book ‘Gifted’ is a must. Andres states that those who have intuitively known answers or events before they actually happened will begin to understand all this by reading her book. Anyone wanting to recognise their spiritual ‘gift’ will find this book invaluable.


Mediumship Made Simple – Step by Step guide to Connecting with Spirit – Lynn Lloyd, M .A.Ed.

Communicating with those on the Spiritual Plane is a natural ability with us all. Lloyd shares practical exercises, meditations and other techniques, in her book, to assist us in discovering this ability. She explains that by communicating and being open to receive our spirit friends and guides, we enrich our daily life through their guidance and advice. A very informative book and worth reading.


5. Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing – Everything you want to know – Liz Hodgkinson

This intriguing and instructive book is a “must read” for anyone interested in spiritual healing. Hodgkinson explains in detail how the various different types of spiritual healing can help you and others. She places emphasis on the fact that these forms of healing work on one level or another through the “whole person” i.e. mind, body and Spirit. Hodgkinson explains that all different types of true spiritual healing must include a combination of positive, loving attitudes and a responsibility towards the body. She explains further that the most important attributes of a non-judgemental successful healer are self-awareness and spiritual growth.


The Art of Spiritual Healing - Joel S. Goldsmith

This wonderful book is for open minded seekers. It is a foundation from which to move forward in ones healing ability. Goldsmith addresses almost all basic questions asked regarding Spiritual Healing e.g. How does it work? where does it come from? How do you practice it? What types of methods regarding healing exists? Through his 30 years of experience at practising Spiritual Healing Goldsmith is able to reveal the Spiritual principles that are the foundation for Spiritual Healing. Goldsmith further explains that a Spiritual Healer is just an instrument through which healing takes place – coming from Spirit (the source) through Spirit (the healer) to Spirit (the recipient). He further believes that arriving at an inner communion with one greater than himself is the key to healing which the world seeks. “No one will ever be completely whole until he finds himself at home in God, and by coming into the presence of God within we then recognise the presence in others”. Goldsmith emphasis that Spiritual Healing awakens a new dimension of life to the recipient. He also believes that anyone can benefit from Spiritual Healing regardless of one’s current situation in life.

6. Channelling


Opening to Channel (How to connect with your Guide) – Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

This very interesting book is a great ‘starting point’ in learning how to channel your guide. It gives a step by step guide to the ‘art of channelling’. The authors explain that channelling, which is a skill that can be learned, attracts higher level guides. They also explain that channelling enables one to have mastery over their material life, assisting with practical problems, whilst developing and guiding ones spiritual unfoldment. They further inform us that one can clearly identify who is speaking by the manner in which the guide expresses themselves.


Channelling (What it is and how to do it) – Lita de Alberdi

Anyone interested in channelling their guide will love this thorough, practical easy to read book. De Alberdi combines a very manageable style with easy to follow meditation and exercises – which have been channelled by her through her guides, Ortan & Shalaya, and in turn leads you into channelling. In detail de Alberdi explains the process of working with energy which assists greatly in one's spiritual development. Instructions are given as to how one can expand their aura with the light of the higher realms. She presents the material in her book in a very tender and sensitive manner. This book is a must to assist you in learning how to channel.