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Barbara Johnston M.A. MNFSH

Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant, Angel Guide & Published Author

I am delighted you have taken the time to visit my website and to read about me.


As a child, I was aware of Spirit people, and constantly sensed these energies around me – I thought everybody could see and feel them and it was only as I got older that I realised this was not the case - also as I got older whilst going through my education and early social life I shelved these experiences.


It was only many years later when I was married and had children that my thoughts returned to those in spirit. Because I have always been interested in the spirit world - I could still sense them trying to connect with me – I made a decision in early 1990 to go to the Arthur Finlay College, Stanstead, London. AFC as it is known is a college for psychics and mediums.


I attended the AFC over a period of 5 years – travelling back and forth to London at various times during those years. I gained experience and expanded my development in the Healing, Psychic, mediumship and channelling areas under the tutorship of many international mediums. I also gained wonderful experiences with the very gifted spiritual teacher, Lita de Alberdi, At the School of the Living Light, in Cambridgeshire. I further attended many workshops over the years at the ‘Seekers Centre’ in Kent, under the tutorship of international mediums, including Eileen Davis and Glynn Edwards.


I am a registered Spiritual Healer with the NFSH since mid 1990, after having completed approx 4 years training and workshops in the healing area with Brendan O’Callaghan at The Irish Spiritual Centre, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. (It needs to be noted that Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for advice from the medical profession neither is it an alternative for medical treatment. No professional healer would suggest otherwise.)


I have an honours MA in Applied Spirituality from the NUI. I attended all my lectures in Milltown College, Sandford Road, Dublin.


I organised and held weekend workshops over a period of approx 2 years in the late 1990's at the Marino College, Griffith Avenue, Dublin during which through exercises and working with spirit those attending realised that they also have psychic and mediumistic abilities – it is only a matter of having the confidence to recognise this and then having these area’s properly developed through spiritual workshops & training. Communication with the World of the Light is not a gift or a mystery as it is often described – it is something that is available to anyone who is open to the possibility, yet it is a gift to realise that you have this ability.


Due to personal circumstances and challenges in life, I had no choice in the early 2000’s to return to the material work force to provide for my children, their education and development both at school and college. Yet, during this period I regularly attended workshops and seminars both overseas and in Ireland. During this period of time in my life, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and mastered many ‘lessons’, which I now understand were quite correct for my personal growth and development, preparing me for this stage of my life. Now, I also recognise that we need to revere and embrace all religious and non religious beliefs. ‘We are all equal, we are just on different levels of awareness’.


Over the past decades I began to realise how important it is to keep the doors open and to allow the World of Light to interact with our material world. I believe it is very necessary to stay ‘grounded’ and although our true innerself has no bounds, we still need to deal with all the challenges and experiences within our earthly life. We as mediums work between the two worlds. One day we will be residing in the After Life – so I deeply feel that it is necessary whilst I am here in the material to help create an understanding of the world to which we all return when the time has come to discard our physical body. That is why I hold the various workshops, do spiritual readings and healings and also write editorials relating to the Spiritual Realm that are subsequently published.


Over the years, I have been drawn towards the Angelic Realm whilst working constantly with my Guardian Angel 'Sophia' and my Spirit Guide 'Joseph'. It is with great joy that I have now been made aware that it is through their guidance and direction that I will be conveying the following workshops in Ireland and you can read up more about this in the Workshops section. These I hope to impart to all those who are interested in sharing this data with me.

Barbara Johnston MA(ACS) MNFSH